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Reiko Apple iPhone Xs Case With Kickstand In Blue

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Apple iPhone Xs Case With Kickstand In Blue

Hard exterior colorful pc layer joins with softer tpu layer to combine the perfect defensive hard case.Pc + tpu combination provides double protection against drop damage, minor impact, bumps, and scratches along with the shock absorbent technology.Special camera protection design: show off your photography skills with a creative design that highlights the camera while giving the camera lens added protection.High wireless charging efficiency: supports wireless charging without taking off your case and has a charging efficiency of up to 98%.Raised edges protect screen from scratches and facedown impacts.Reinforced rubber corners aborb impacts to reduce possibility of shatters.Anti-dirt, anti-dust, and sand-proof.Deep camera cutout protects the camera from scratches while preserving the complete flash function.Impressive shock absorbing protection with tough impact resistance and specialized raised bezels to shield the screen while safely lifting away from flat surfaces.