USB Type-C Chargers & Cables

Get the perfect USB Type-C charger or cable here at With our huge selection of USB-C chargers and accessories, you're sure to get what you want. Find chargers with all kinds of styles, colors, shapes and features. We offer  braided USB-C cables, flat USB-C cables, round USB-C cables and more. Our USB Type-C chargers come in various configurations from 1-port to 3-port to even 4-port chargers.  Plus you'll get to choose from various lengths from 3 ft USB-C chargers to 6 ft USB-C chargers to 10 ft USB-C chargers and more. If you need a charger for your Apple Lightning device or a charger for your micro-USB Android device, we have what you want also. Get what you want here with affordable prices, worldwide shipping, support good causes with each purchase, and we guarantee you'll be satisfied with your experience.
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