Hand-Crank Radios & Chargers

Going on a camping trip, long hike or several hour flight? You may want one of these very handy and fun hand-crank radios and charger combos. These allow you to 'wind' or crank the device's crank and generate enough power to play the radio, light an LED flashlight or even charge your phone or tablet in the middle of nowhere, at the top of Mount Fuji or 30,000 feet in the air mid-flight. Hand-crank chargers and radios can be a real, no-joke life saver in the wilderness or in a remote area. Or these can even be life savers if you're on the road or in a power outage at your home. Always keep one of these around. We suggest one in your home, one in your car and always keep one more in your pack whenever you travel or go anywhere really. Don't leave home without one!  Get protected and be prepared. Shop here for your new handy hand-crank radio, charger and LED flashlight-in-one.
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