Reiko Wireless Cell Phone Cases and Accessories

Reiko Wireless Mobile Phone Accessories

Reiko Wireless Cell Phone Accessories

Reiko Wireless offers a wide variety of wireless accessories such as cell phone pouches/covers/chargers, Apple-certified accessories,and Bluetooth headphones, earbuds and headsets for all the top cell phone and tablet brands (Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google and many more). This is one of our most popular brands for cell phone pouches here at With our extensive experience with Reiko Wireless products, we can guarantee that when you buy Reiko, you'll enjoy top notch quality wit unparalleled affordable and competitive prices. 

Reiko Cell Phone Pouches 

Black Reiko Phone Pouch  If you need more protection and safety for your smartphones, a Reiko cell phone pouch provides high impact outer shell coverings that are enclosed around an inner silicone case. It also offers compatibility with many cell phone models including all the versions of Apple’s iPhone. With its anti-slip capabilities, it gives you more grip on its surfaces. And if you want to charge without removing the case, many Reiko cell phone pouches can give you full access to its user interface, speakerphone, microphone, camera lens, and headphone jack. This form-fitting case is designed to perfectly fit your cell phone.


Reiko Cell Phone Cases and Covers

The Reiko double-enforced case with shock absorbing silicone inner-sleeve and impact-resistant material protects your phone under extreme environmental factors and conditions. With great drop proof and shockproof protection and a heavy-duty design and front raised edges, this cell phone cover secures your mobile device and its touchscreen capabilities. Many also have a fitted vertical kickstand that is handy in different colors. To provide different viewing angles, many have a fixed holster belt clip that is easily locked and keeps all control buttons, connectors, cameras, and speakers accessible. Reiko Cell Phone Cases Pink and Black


Reiko Wireless Chargers

 Reiko Wireless Qi Charger and Charging Pad (clear and white) Using its built-in Qi technology, the Reiko wireless charger is a powerful and fast charging Qi-charger that can be used without the need to plug your mobile phone or device to a USB port or wall charger. Qi Wireless Chargers use Qi Inductive Charging Technology that does not require you to use a charging cable to charge your smartphones. While charging, you can still use your mobile phone including answering your calls. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) gives it a Qi certification and these wireless chargers come with a USB Data cable to suit your needs. Simply lay your phone down on the wireless charging pad, and VOILA, you’re charging!


Reiko Portable Chargers / Power Banks

Reiko portable chargers or power banks have high-efficiency output capacities of 2200mAh, 4000mAh, 5000mAh, 6800mAh all the way up to 15,000mAh. Without a heavy bag to consider, these compact and efficient portable chargers are very portable and can easily be brought along on travels and outdoor vacations. Manufactured with the highest quality Li battery packs and voltage and current managing circuitry, these chargers provide intelligent protection against short-circuit, over-charging, and overloading. While you are charging, it will not interfere with phone calls or data streaming and for your everyday mobile device, it offers extended back-up power to keep your cell phone in use allowing you to keep talking, keep texting, keep listening, keep gaming and everything you enjoy your phone for.  Reiko Portable Charger Power Bank w/ Charging Cable White


Reiko In-Ear Headsets (Headphones with Mic)

Reiko In-ear Headset Earbuds w/ Microphone Black  
For clear hands-free phone conversations, Reiko in-ear headphones/earbuds have a built-in microphone and an in-ear earbud design that filters out external noise (noise reduction). They also come with premium ear pieces for the best sound quality, clarity and great depth of sound. And they have an extended audio range that draws out precision highs and vocal naturals. Offering protection from sweat and water, these are perfect for fitness, jobbing and exercise. With the sleek designs, these deliver great blissful sound in a small sexy package. These are compatible with Apple iPhone and other devices, Windows phones, Android smartphones, MP3/MP4 players, and portable music players.


Reiko Bluetooth Earbuds and Earphones

Secured behind your ears, these Reiko comfy headsets can rest comfortably in the ear canal with an extremely ergonomic and functional design and silicone ear hooks. Completely sweat-proof, these earbud headphones are ideal for indoor or outdoor workouts and exercise. While listening to your favorite music, you can enjoy high definition stereo sound and deep bass beats. Featuring noise-canceling technology, these Reiko headphones block out background noise to guarantee high-quality audio and provide clear sound for music and calls that you’ll love. The fitted one-ear-control to volume feature provides extra flexibility, durability, and portability. Reiko’s Bluetooth earbuds also feature super quick pairing with all Apple, Android, and Bluetooth enabled devices.  Reiko Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds w/ Neckband Blue


Reiko Bumper Case with Air Cushion Protection

Reiko Slim Bumper Style Phone Case Clear  
Built with a firm silicon/plastic bumper on the edges and air cushion shock absorption technology on the corners, Reiko bumper cases with air cushion protection offer an ultra-sleek, smooth, and slim case that adds almost zero weight to your phone. These cases are incredibly clear cases that accentuate the design of your phone. Providing protection against daily wear and tear, marks, scratches, and scrapes, it covers every corner of your phone and allows you to keep a better grip and keep your phone looking new and cool. These cushioned bumper cases also feature functional ports and precise cutouts for chargers, earbuds, etc.


Reiko Screen Protector 

Including a microfiber cleaning cloth, the Reiko screen protector is a great combination of protection and transparency. The strong shock and crack resistant screen protector attaches evenly with a self-adhering surface and leaves no residue when detached. It also offers an easy, quick, effortless installation and removal, without scratching the screen. It is made from the highest quality impact-resistant material to provide a premium clear view of the phone screen and provide the ultimate in cell phone screen protection.  Reiko Cell Phone Clear Screen Protector



With our goal to deliver the best-quality merchandise and top notch exceptional service to our loyal customers, we are committed to providing you with the type of products you need and the type of products that you want. Reiko delivers. With a huge inventory and wide range of the latest and greatest cell phone pouches, cell phone covers, cell phone wireless and portable chargers, and other cell phone accessories, we can assure you that Reiko delivers wireless accessories with exceptional quality at ultra-affordable prices. As always, our goal is to provide the right products to the right customers (that’s you!) at the right time ensuring outstanding customer service and customer satisfaction. Try one or two of Reiko’s products today from

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