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Dantona CEL-VS840 CEL-VS840 Replacement Battery

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Dantona(R) CEL-VS840 CEL-VS840 Replacement Battery Specifications: • 3.7V
• Li-Ion
• Long-lasting
• 1,200mAh
• Rechargeable
• Replacement battery for the LG(R) LS840 Cellular Phone
• Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENCLZ570LG, Canon(R) FV100, Canon(R) FV200, Canon(R) FV30, Canon(R) G1 (Inside Mount), Canon(R) G2, Canon(R) G3, Canon(R) G5, Canon(R) MV30, Canon(R) MV300, Canon(R) MV300i, Canon(R) MV400, Canon(R) MV400i, Canon(R) MV430, Canon(R) MV450, Canon(R) MV450i, Canon(R) MV500, Canon(R) MV600, Canon(R) MV630, Canon(R) MVX1i, Canon(R) Optura 10, Canon(R) Optura 100MC, Canon(R) Optura 20, Canon(R) Optura 20/10, Canon(R) Optura 200MC, Canon(R) Optura D47b, Canon(R) Optura D74b, Canon(R) Optura Pi, Canon(R) Optura Xi, Canon(R) ZR-10, Canon(R) ZR-20, Canon(R) ZR25, Canon(R) ZR-25MC, Canon(R) ZR-30MC, Canon(R) ZR-40, Canon(R) ZR-45MC, Canon(R) ZR-50MC, Canon(R) ZR60, Canon(R) ZR-60, Canon(R) ZR65MC, Canon(R) ZR-65MC, Canon(R) ZR70MC, Canon(R) ZR-70MC, Canon(R) EOS 10D, Canon(R) EOS 20D, Canon(R) EOS 20D EF-S 18-55mm Kit, Canon(R) EOS 20Da, Canon(R) EOS 30D, Canon(R) EOS 30D EF-S 18-55mm Kit, Canon(R) EOS 40D, Canon(R) EOS 40D EF 28-135mm IS Kit, Canon(R) EOS 50D, Canon(R) EOS 5D, Canon(R) EOS 5D EF 24-105mm Kit, Canon(R) EOS D30, Canon(R) EOS D60, Canon(R) EOS D90, Canon(R) EOS Digital Rebel, Canon(R) EOS-10D, Canon(R) EOS-20D, Canon(R) EOS-D30, Canon(R) EOS-D60, Canon(R) EOS-D90, Canon(R) Limited Edition Digital Rebel, Canon(R) Limited Edition Digital Rebel 18-55mm Kit, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) D30, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) D60, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) EOS 10D, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) G1, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) G2, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) G3, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) G5, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) G6, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) Pro 90 IS, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) Pro1, Canon(R) PowerShot(R) ZR20MC, Canon(R) Pro90is Canon(R) BP-508, Canon(R) BP-511, Canon(R) BP-511A, Canon(R) BP-512, Canon(R) BP-514, Canon(R) BP-522, Canon(R) BP-535, DIGIPOWER(R) BP-CN511, Empire(TM) BLI-193, Energizer(R) ER-C590, Energizer(R) ERC590

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