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Amzer CRUSTA Rugged Case Black on Black Shell Tempered Glass

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Amzer CRUSTA Rugged Case Black on Black Shell Tempered GlassAmzer Crusta„¢ is a first* of its kind multilayered tablet case, consisting of 3 functional layers made of high quality material. Each layer has a unique protective function. Crusta„¢'s 3 layer protection is a result of months of research & development with actual users. Crusta„¢ is not only great for protecting your tablet, it is also great for adding the overtone of style, color and oomph to your tablet. With Crusta„¢ you are spoilt for choice, you can suit your style and pick your favorite color. With Crusta„¢ you get our bestselling Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Crusta„¢ is your tablets protective companion for daily rumble and tumble as well as for some off beat adventure. Crusta„¢ provides unmatched tri-functional protection with out compromising on style or functionality unlike any other tablet case in the market.
Note: Compatible with iPad mini/ iPad mini with Retina Display/ iPad mini 3 with Touch ID.

* Utility Patent Pending (Serial No. 62/016,615)

Compatible Models : Apple iPad mini with Retina Display, Apple iPad mini 3, Apple iPad mini