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6-Watt Class-D Floating Handheld VHF Marine Radio with Bluetooth(R)

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Full Class D DSC--meets ITU-R M.493-13, 14 and IEC 62238; Integrated GPS receiver features WAAS, SBAS and QZSS for accuracy; Bluetooth(R) uses smartphone app to set up radio and to text message other VHF text-message-capable radios; Auto plot to distress call with built-in compass screen; Water-activated MOB automatically activates distress feature when in water; Water-activated emergency strobe light automatically activates when in water; Flashlight function; 6 watt transmission power transmits at full power to ensure maximum range; Floating radio submersible up to 4.9 feet up to 30 minutes (IPX8); NOAA(R) weather channels with weather alert and S.A.M.E. local location alerts; Noise cancellation for both received and transmitted audio; Waypoint navigation allows navigating stored locations using the compass screen; Smartphone app for Android(TM) and iOS(TM) is set up by entering DSC directory information, and can text message other VHF radios and update radio firmware
Warranty: Three Years
Country of Origin: China